Vincent Talarico

Vincent's Head Shot    

About The Video:
This video was recorded with one camera only.
There are no editing bells and whistles to keep your interest, just Vincent.
The sound is directly from one small microphone in the camera.
There is NO studio doctoring, lip syncing or over dubbing and NO PRE-RECORDED APPLAUSE OF ANY KIND!
If you like the sound you hear you will absolutely love it in person!

This was filmed directly from an actual audience seat in the middle of the theatre in order for you to watch and hear from a concert-goer's perpective, literally.

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Watch Vincent live on stage headlining his "One Man Show"
for a successful 20 show run recently at The Superstar Theatre
at Resorts Casino in Atlantic City.

Vincent moves people with passion, sincerity, emotion, and
power, both with his voice and stage presence. A critic once said,
"You can feel every word he sings."

Multi-talented, Vincent dances, sings in three languages,
is an accomplished drummer (and wows the audience
when appropriate), and uses his outgoing personality to incorporate
jokes and audience participation. If there is a performer today
that can make any audience laugh, cry, and be fully
entertained in every sense of the word, it is Vincent Talarico.

No matter the age his song selections
are unique, but recognizable, and everyone relates to him and
feels his warmth. His sincere love for people, and most of all his
passionate love of singing, emoting, and entertaining makes
Vincent something very real and very special.

Vincent will move you in every sense of the word.

Vincent has been singing since the age of 9.

Vincent also sings the national anthem for local pro teams: the
Jets, Nets, and Mets.

In his teens, Vincent has the honor of being the opening act for
the legendary comic and actor Buddy Hackett.

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